About Us

Cerg 2.0 PAC

CERG PAC 2.0 stands out as the only political organization in Montgomery County, Maryland that prioritizes both economic policy and development alongside its mission to empower underrepresented communities of color. By advocating for economic empowerment and engaging disengaged voters, we are uniquely positioned to drive comprehensive change and create a more inclusive and prosperous society. 

Our Values

CERG PAC 2.0 offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at empowering and enhancing the political participation of African Americans and other underrepresented communities of color. Our dedicated team advocates for specific priorities, raises funds, and makes contributions to support the election of candidates for state and local offices in Montgomery County and Maryland. With a focus on fostering a culture of active political engagement, promoting economic empowerment, and advocating for social justice, we are committed to amplifying the voices and concerns of our communities, ensuring they are heard, represented, and valued in the political decision-making processes.


Empowering underrepresented communities through political engagement, economic empowerment, and social justice advocacy.


Creating an inclusive and equitable society by amplifying the voices and concerns of African Americans and communities of color.


Driving comprehensive change through strategic advocacy, fundraising, and support for candidates who champion our values.